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Well my story is short and simple. Chevy's IFS sucked, so a HPD44 and D60 went in. (thanks to mr crawl)
Before (2" body lift, tbar death crank, 3" lift shackles):

No more IFS

Test run on some pizza cutters:

Now with bald 33" MTZ's on H2 Wheels:

79 F250 HP Dana 44 Front and Dana 60 Rear 3.54 Gears (for now)
Mid 90's Dakota Leafs up front, re-arched by Martin Spring & Drive
Hummer H2 Wheels and 33" MTZ's
SOA with Stock rear s10 leafs + 1 junkyard leaf and longer shackles
1 ton TRE's

....soon-to-be, or hope-to-be:
Spartan Locker in rear
5.13 gears
37" shoes (possibly the new MTR with Kevlar)
Sliders, Front bumper
Hydro Assist ram

I have a lot of plans but not a lot of money! (Donations appreciated :sonicjay:)

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What would you say the total cost was ? I'd like to get my ZR2 blazer done.

Look awesome too.
I'll build a quick rough cost list:
Axles - 250
New Brakes - 200
H2 wheels & tires - 350
Axle rebuild parts - 200
eBay disk brake conversion brackets - 30
Hi-steer arm - 40
1 ton TRE's - 60
Steering - 50
Astro Van Steering Box - 50
Dakota leafs - 75
Driveshaft stuff - 150
Shocks - 70
...and I'm sure I'm missing quite a few small things like brake lines, fittings, paint, etc.

overall in parts ~ 1600 - 1800 bucks so far
BUT...none of the expensive stuff is in there yet (gears, lockers, new tires, etc.)
I didn't really gather parts over a very long period, but if you slowly gather the parts (which I should have done) you could do it fairly inexpensive. PLUS, figure in the savings over breaking all the IFS stuff and having to replace the balljoints and steering every few months.

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old thread i know:blah:
Do you have any pics of the shackles and shackle mounts for the front? Did the astro van box fit on the stock box mounts? More specs on steel used for front crossmember (ie size of square tube, distance from bolt holes to mount surface for front hangers.) Thanks, just bought a sas blazer and want to redo the front suspension.

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mr crawl does good work... and i know your blazer is not the first to sit in that spot and have it's ifs ripped out and sas done.. looks great..
Oh yeah, Mr. Crawl does GREAT work!
I really haven't done any updating, but it now looks a tad different. It has 5.13's, Spartan Locker in the rear, detroit up front, PSC 1.5x8" hyrdo assist, and I built some sliders. Here are some pics from Bundy on 10/23:

I'm also working on building a front bumper - so I'll have to post some pics when I'm done with that too.
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