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97 dodge ram 4x4

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looking to go a better axel swap. need something that is better just getting ready for trails in the dodge need something that will hold up to the abuse. help me please.
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that 1500 should have the corp 8.75 that is supposed to be as strong as the 60 I wouldn't worry about that.
not even close. the 8 3/4 was last used in 79ish and NEVER EVER in the 2nd gen trucks. please get your facts right befor posting in the tech section. the axles in a 2nd gen 1500 are front dana 44 and rear chrysler 9.25. the 9.25 has been in the ram line since the mid 70s. again do your research befor posting.

throw some 60s like everyone said and some 2500 or 3500 springs. the SPRINGS will not bend the frame but maybe treating it like something other then a 1500 will. as for the widths i believe the only difference is the 2500 and 3500 axles have 3 inch spring perches and the 1500 only has 2.5 but not for sure. heard that once.
yes 2nd gen 3/4 and 1tons have a 3" wide spring
got my numbers mixed up my bad.... the rest of my statement still stands...
so you belive a 9.25 is as strong as a 60? where did you do you get your info from?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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