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I've got an F-150 thats just taking up space waiting for a motor and I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in it. It's in great shape. No rot and just a couple small areas with some surface rust. The body has a few small dings and scratches. It's got a standard cab, 2wd, 300-6, XLT.

The motor that is in it is shot. I have a new motor sitting on the floor, waiting to go in. The new motor is an older reman with about 7000 miles on it. It ran fine when I pulled it from the donor truck. Swap the head and drop it in. Lots of newer parts (year old) - clutch, brakes, ball joints, tires. It's got a decent set of aftermarket wheels on it and a nice Lear cap.

I'd like to get 1000.00 for it. If it doesn't sell now, Ill put the motor in and put it up for sale for 1800.00.

If you are interested you can stop by my place to see it or I can probably take some pictures and email them if you arent in the area.
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