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Trying to sell my moms ranger, Its a 91 Ranger. 4.0L automatic extended cab. Worktruck, has 150,000miles I believe. 2wd

-Problems, trans was rebuilt sometime within 5 years and had a shitty trans gasket put in so it leaks a little trans fluid, we do have a new gasket (a good one, high quality and not a cheapo)

-Radiator leaks a little, we fill it up every so often.

-Rusted and dented

-Has the typical 4.0L lifter tick

-Multi colored, we started to replace rusted stuff with unrusted used parts (could now be rusty) so the hood is black and the tailgate is dark blue.

It has new tires, has less than 50 miles on them. My mom doesnt drive too much anymore since she had neck and back surgery, so she gets driven around with other peoples cars. The Ranger Runs and Drives, just got to check fluid every so often (trans and radiator) unless you fix.

We have owned the truck for 7 or 8 years.

New price of $800 Firm

Cap doesnt go with the truck

tooweel or not tooweel
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i was thinking about buying it if i sell my ranger, this way i would have something to drive while i sell gmc and save a little money and find what im looking for. but nobody has any interest in my trucks
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