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Clear title and streetable 1989 Jeep Wrangler LQ9 6.0L 400 hp 1 ton beast on 40" Iroks

Dual tcase 203/205 doubler triple stick shifter

Art Carr sidewinder auto shifter for the Chevy turbo 35p 3 spd auto tranny.

Axles: Chevy kingpin dana 60, 14 bolt rear 4.10s welded both diffs

Tires & Rims (3 sets):
38.5x14.5x16.5 Super Swamper TSL SX on H1 hummer double beadlocks or

39.5x13.5x17 Super Swamper Iroks on H2 hummer 17" rims

H1 military take offs 90% 37x12.5x16.5 GY MTRs on 12 bolt H1 double beadlocks

Located in Roscoe,IL 61073 which is 90 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.
4 link rear suspension with new heims and DOM tubing, front soa with stock YJ springs with a add a leaf.
12k new Harbor Freight winch.
Cross over high steer behind the axle with DOM tubing and big heims and new 1999 Dodge Durango steering box (upgrade for stock YJ box)
Very heavy duty tube fenders and/or 1 piece fiberglass CJ front clip, also have CJ grill and hood...currently has chopped YJ oem fenders,grill,hood.

I'm asking $15,000
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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