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I got this truck from a great lakes member over the winter.
I was thinking of parting this truck out because I could use alot of the parts but I figured i'd see if anyone is interested before I start tearing it apart.
I'll start with the bad .The motor smokes a bit, needs a compresson test to see if its guides or rings,manifold leaks on drivers side its missing bolts I had a guy try to fix the leak and he said someone tried to tap the head before a did a poor job.Needs a windsheild,and some gages do work properly oil presure dosent work and gas gages bounce.
The good. I was told it has 94,000 original miles,motor is almost spotless,runs and drives good,plenty of power,body's in pretty good shape some rust on bottom,4.10 gears ff,3 piece buckets in front bench in the back,c6 shifts good,good rubber 285 bfg's, one tire has some rash on it,manual windows,new radio,both tanks work and there isnt any leaks.
Thats all I can think of for now let me know if theres any ?
I would like to get $1000 truck is in Fowlerville MI
Please pm, call or text Jim 517-375-3423


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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