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Bought this from a friend in Georgia. Just don't have the time for it and don't have the money to put into it.

It's an 87 Wagoneer with 225,000 miles
Dual pwr seats, pwr mirrors
Has canyon wheels on it
Push bar with lights
2" hitch
runs great, 4 wheel drive works

The Bad:

no radio
steering wheel is loose (something wrong with the tilt)
no exhaust
right rear tail light broke
dings and dents

Asking $1,000 obo. Pics up later today

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Bought it from a friend in Georgia. Its a wiring issue. Everything turns on when the key is turned, just wont start. And the wheel is loose because it appears there is something wrong the the tilt.
Common problem with the GM steering column. 3 or 4 loose bolts that need tightened, wheel and turn signal mech needs to be pulled to fix.

bump for nice xj waggy:thumb:

i don't much care for you
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any pics of under the hood? or under side?
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