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I really wish I had the room to part this thing out, I think I could get a lot more of my money out of it, but I just flat out out can't do it. Maybe this summer if it doesn't sell, I will figure out a way to make it happen.

I know I need to get Pics up, but I can't procrastinate any longer, I need to post this. I will get pictures posted soon.

1978 Jeep CJ-7
Engine: AMC 360 V8, TBI fuel injected
Trans: TF 727 with gated shift selector. Trans from an '86 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it has been rebuilt and beefed up a bit over the years I have an extremley heavy duty cooler installed and have not had any problems in that regard.
Suspension: Front has Fox Coil Overs and 3 link and rear has 1/4 elliptical, 4 link and Ranch Shocks. I could be easily converted to coil overs.
Front Axle: Dana 60 (Dodge, passenger side drop) with high steer arms and spool
Rear Axle: Dana 60 Full float, machined outer spindles and 35 spline shafts, spooled
Gear Ratio: 4:10 (NOBODY PANIC, ;-) this setup was supposed to be temporary but after I put a 4 to 1 in the T-Case I decided I actually liked how this was setup.
Brakes: 4 wheel Disc Brake with Hydro-Boost Brake system.
Steering: Full Hydro Steering from Sean Stapely commonly seen on POR. Includes Including Orbit Valve and Removable steering wheel
Fuel Delivery: 15 Gallon Fuel Cell with giant screw on Fuel filter. Stainless braided fuel hose all the way to the TBI. Electric fuel pump
Fuel Injection: Home built fuel injection from 80's Chevy truck - tuned by Howel F I in marine city. Computer mounted in plastic box inside interior so it stays dry. MSD Multispark ignition, TFI upgraded Distributor cap
Tires/Wheels: 39.5 Irok mounted on double bead-lock USA 6x6 Wheels.
Rollcage/frame: the inside of frame is re-enforced with 3/16 inch plate the entire length. The rear of frame has been cut of and "tubed" to be more of a buggy, Full cage, tied into frame, custom designed.
Seats: Corbeau race seats mounted to cage.
Heater: Upgraded blower motor from Chevy K5

There are many other things that I have probably forgotten, Ive had this thing since '99. I really would like to keep it in hopes of someday cleaning it up and wheeling it, the reality is that it's only a 2 seater, and I have family now. Besides, I have been having too much fun in my JK Rubicon, my CJ-7 just sits, and it deserves better!

It needs to be cleaned up and given some TLC. I have too much going on and no room in my garage to do it.

I am asking $7300, I will consider any serious offers. This thing is ugly, I don't want to make anyone think I have showroom ready vehicle, because it is not. I know I can get more than than $7300 simply by parting it out but I don't have room or time for that, maybe somebody does and could pick this up, take the parts they need and part out the rest. Who knows!

I am located in Shelby Township near 24 mile rd and Van ****.

PM me and come and get this thing!

Here's an old picture...

More pictures coming soon...

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intereted in current pics. you can text me pics if you like 231 631-3556 thanks kyle
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