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Cadillac pimpin
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Sell for 200 OBO or trade for whatever...let me know what you got.

paid $550 or so about 3 years ago for it, and has been sitting empty for over a year.

Being in college, I usually move around campus into different apartments at the end of each its a real PITA to break down/transport this from apt. to apt. so it has remained empty and just followed me. haha

Originally was a saltwater tank, then had a bearded dragon. There is a small gouge on the rear corner of the tank from moving it and hitting a wall, but it is still water tight last time I filled it. (Filled it in the garage and let it sit for a leaks/drips)

Has a nice black wooden stand that comes with it. No top, filters, lighting, etc. Just tank and stand. Im sick of looking at it.

I can add pics tonight.
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