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I'll Finsh One, One Day
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It is a 2 peice adapter and a different output shaft for the 700. 1 plate bolts to the trans and the other to the case then the 2 bolt together. Cool thing with it is its shorter then most of the adapters because of having the different ouput shaft. Only like 2in thick.

Only thing wrong with it is i spun the end of the output shaft off awhile back. The way i think its made is they take a 700r4 shaft, cut the end off then turn it down and then press on a female toyota coupler. What happened to me is my rear end broke and locked up while spinning a v8 at 5000rpm causing the toyota coupler to spin on the shaft. What i did to fix it was pull it back out and weld the coupler to the shaft. Its on there straight since its a machined fit, just broke the small factory weld. I have run it with it welded without any problems. Actully broke a main output shaft and a front output in the toy with having the welded one in there, so it holds up to the abuse still.

I paid almost $600 for it new a few years back, being the shaft isnt 100% id go $200obo

Also have a 21spline case i dont need any more thats broke but the front reduction part is still good, would be good for some one doing a doubler

Any ?s fell free to ask
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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