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apoligies that I am not a big poster on here, and everyone hates the person who posts just to sell stuff. I lurk and surf classifieds. thats how I got a lot of parts for this. Time for this jeep to go to someone who will have more time and use for it than I do. I am asking $2000 which I think is pretty fair price, but I'll consider all reasonable offers.

here's the info
last spring/summer I pulled the rusty body off, and dropped way too much money into repairs. After maxing funds at the time I chose to patch the body up to keep it rolling a while longer. Not a horribly bad body by any means but far from show winner,
I need to downsize the fleet, and this is the first to go. I hate to set it free but honestly I use it to plow my 100 foot driveway and take the kids to get ice cream with the top off. Given the few inches of snow we get at a time it just isn't worth the insurance and the upkeep and yard space. Time to pass it along to someone else. The total cost of all the parts I dumped into it are over $2000.

Clean Michigan title in hand
sold as is where is

If you live any considerable distance away, or have little or no early jeep experience I recommend using the included tow-bar. top speed safely is about 50-55 mph. nature of the beast.
all work was done last summer, and I have put less than 700 miles on it since. drove it to houghton lake for a weekend of two tracking.....50 mph the whole way
Buick dauntless 225 v6, recently re-gasketed
T86 3 speed manual transmission (rebuilt by
dana 18 transfer case
dana 30 front end with 11" drums (an upgrade over the dana 27 with 10 inch drums
rear offset dana 44 (also included in sale is a jeep centered D44 with 1 piece axles, you'll need a dana 20 transfer case to bolt in to properly use the centered axle)
new dual circuit master cylinder, all new lines, wheel cylinders and brake shoes.
Super swamper thorn birds, full size spare (spare has a slow leak, but I don't drive it often so I never get to a tire shop. It'll hold air about a month
saginaw power steering conversion using parts off an 80's cj
new fuel lines, fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor
new heddman headers, a set of glass packs (really loud) withe ball collectors installed, and a set of cherry bomb turbos (currently on the jeep) which are a bit more quiet.
new clutch pressure plate and t/o bearing
GM hei ignition conversion including distributor, cap rotor coil and wires, no junkyard parts, all stuff from napa.
sun pro gauges, oil and temp hook up but volt is not, however it hasn't ever not started in the 5 years I have owned it so I think it charges fine.
beefy front bumper, homemade but not some chunk of black pipe hack job. 2x4 1/4 tube steel, cut angled mitered.... looks good.
Rear bumper with spare tire swing out, space for a jerry can and a built in 2" receiver
The plow is old but in really good shape. western brand, with a new skid pad, and a brand new plow cylinder last year. The raised lights aren't hooked up but for my little driveway it really didn't bother me. All the other lights work as they should, although the turn signals don't self cancel

I have recently traded the ratty soft top for an aluminum hard top off a postal jeep, the top fits pretty good but the doors need hinges. ProbablY need some tweaking for a WHISTLE TIGHT SEAL it also needs one of the side windows installed. I have the gasket but no time, and I am not a glass man. I can bolt it down so its drivable, but I haven't done too much looking for door hinges, thats up to you.

The only things it needs for serious fun and duty are u joints in the front axle and the front pinion seal has a slight drip. Nothing major. Speedo is 10 miles slow, if it reads 45 you are going 55. And the gas gauge doesn't work. A small stick inserted in the tank hasn't stopped working yet. the heater is a box in the garage and needs a heater core, it goes with it as well as a box assorted little parts in the garage. Spare rod ends and gaskets and such. windshield took some grinding sparks so its got little crusties here and there, but no cracks and is still quite see through.

All the pictures are somewhat of a work in progress, currently it is camouflage, has black vinyl low back seats in the front and a denim blue bench seat from a levis edition jeep in the back. I just drove it 20 miles to take the kids to a local carnival. The top two pictures were taken today, the engine and body off shots were during assembly last july. Any questions just ask.


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