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Mmmmm Beeeer...
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I was looking through my toolbox and found a few things that I haven't used in a while.

1. Sold-Snap-on IM5100 1/2" impact gun- Three years old, paid 300 new, bairly used

2. SOLD- Stant Cooling system pressure tester- includes plastic case and 4 adapters, again only used a few times

3. SOLD- Rotunda R134a leak detector- Has leather case, similar units 140...

4. SOLD- Ingersol Rand 212 3/8ths drive impact, like new

5. Sold- Mititutoyo digital 6" calipers 500-171 (135.00 new)

6. 80.00- Mitutoyo digital indicator 0-.5" .0005" resolution (313.00 New)

Am going to be adding to list as the days go on...
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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