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6-12 BundyHill

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Had a great day at Bundy Hill saturday with friends from BorderLine4x4,Ranger-Forums and GL4x4! First time out in the B2 since last year and only a few things have changed since then biggest being stepping up to 35" tires and wow did they make a huge difference.Truck went everywhere I pointed it,over top anything in front of it,never got hung up or stuck once all day.
More importantly for me the day was about my GF Dawns first time out as a driver of her own rig. She has a 03 Liberty that we have done a few cheap upgrades to that would allow her to keep up with most of the boys.So far it has a budget 2.5" lift,31" MTR's and my homemade front recovery points.Next upgrade will be a rear locker and rails for sure.
Biggest concern was getting her to trust her spotters and just get over her fears of being on 3 wheels and being way off camber! All I can say is by the end of the day I couldnt have been more proud of her!

Wish I took more pix but thats all we got. Still have one vid to post.
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well made some changes try warn and welcome again:sonicjay:
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