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Front tires still have the injection flash and much of the nipples on the tread, rear nipples are mostly scrubbed off (welded differential) but the flash is still there. So, full tread. I'm still running them, it's just that it's going to get parked again for about a year and I don't really have room for ginormous tires to be sitting around.

$1250. Rubber only. You peel the rubber off the wheels or the wheels are yours for $200 more. They're currently in Owosso, MI.


Project Antitube
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They're 15x10 4" BS 6 on 5.5" wheels. They take regular conical lugnuts.

I live in Wisconsin, second only to New Jersey for lack of wheeling. I'm in the process of getting rid of my "consumable" offroad parts and getting into asphalt vehicles. Maybe in a couple years when I'm eligible for more than 2 weeks of vacation I'll get into offroad stuff again.

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Still have the tires.

The rig:
1979 K5 Blazer Frame
1987 R10 pickup cab (titled as this, 2wd fleetside longbox regular cab, $34 for plates)

K5 30 gallon tank with a pickup sending unit/pump in it, so it's around 2" too short. Needs a 23 gallon tank or a longer sending unit. Every 23 gallon tank I've found has had a hole in it.

Cab moved rearward on frame 3", ~2" body lift
Engine moved rearward in frame 2.5"

Radiator is out of a 4.3L S10 with AC. It barely fits in the core support. A Corvette radiator would be needed if you wanted more horsepower.

Never finished the front clip. It has holes/weldnuts in the wheelwells to make new wheelhouses. I have a hood, never bothered cutting it.

Interior has been stripped. The heating has been modified so it has only floor and defrost to simply/reduce ducting.
No power windows, locks, or radio wiring remains. Tilt wheel but no smartstick.
No door glass. There are zero guts in the doors except for the latches and the interior pads.
Mirrors have been mounted to the fenders. Doors can be removed using a pair of pliers to pull pins.
Has stock interior lighting, a rearview mirror with map lights has been added, and the cab light on the back of the cab does work.
No sun visors. Dash has been covered with bedliner then paint. Speaker holes are filled.
Seats are K5 high backs. They are sitting on tracks from bench seats from the mid 80s. They independently slide forward and back. Driver's seat is 1" lower and 1" further back than passenger side (I have a lot of torso and my girlfriend is short). No center console.
All the sheetmetal has Durabak Smooth Blue bedliner on it. The exterior has been painted over with Krylon.
The cab has been fixed/new cab corners and driver rocker. JB Weld was used for body filler.
Front fenders were my first try at narrowing and have had rust repair.
Doors don't have any body filler that I'm aware of (bought them, primed them, bedlined them).
Needs a windshield--it's there but cracked, rear window is a functioning slider.

TBI 350 out of a 92 van. Hydraulic SM465 and a Perfection clutch. NP208 clocked flat. Driveshafts are stock lengthened with S44 joints.

56" long 4" lift Superlift 3/4 ton chevy rear springs with overload removed in the front
64" 2002 2500HD stock springs with one leaf and overload removed in the rear

1979 10 bolt in the front, everything new except ring/pinion, carrier bearings/pinion bearings
3.73 gears, LockRight locker, Caps welded to shafts
1979 12 bolt in the rear, converted to disc, welded

Front axle moved forward on frame 4.5"... front spring hanger moved forward ~7".

113" of wheelbase.
180" total length.
As it sits, ~27" to the lowest part on the frame (which is back at the rear leaf spring mounts).
Driveshafts are mostly protected by leaf springs.

It ramps a thousand easy. It rides nice. It kind of goes where the tires want to but at 150lbs a tire I kind of expect it to. With the 40s it didn't. It's a little bit floppy in the corners but if you have nerve you can burn donuts on dry asphalt. Oh, and because it doesn't have fscked up ackerman angle it turns as sharp as my Dad's YJ.

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