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FYI, I am new member here. Browsed many of the cool rigs. On my list of stock toys I dream to build one day is one of the many willys pickups I have and a 40's GMC CCKW. Finally decided to join, as I'm in need of some assistance myself.

I've got a 2003 3500 dodge 1 ton that the drivers side rear axle tube has appeared to have broken the welds and the tube is pulled out of the center pumpkin about an inch.

What shops in the metro detroit area (preferred) or michigan in general, would you recommend to repair my axle at a reasonable cost? I live north of Lapeer, MI. Would prefer something close. I'm capable enough to get the axle off and strip it down if needed to the housing. Likely, I could fix it myself, but I'd just prefer for a shop to do it, given they're the experts and I'm normally using the truck for sizable loads. No sense in taking a chance. Just not sure where to take it. I'd rather not buy another axle, as I just bought a replacement for my 2006 3500 with an different ratio to the tune of $1700.

Please, I'd value some input on where to go with it.
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