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Back in 2005 my mother got in a pretty bad accident that left her disabled and unable to keep her job. To make money her boyfriend and her decided to start a transportation company. So they bought this truck and outfitted it with a hitch, in bed fuel tank, and licensed it accordingly. This was their primary means of income for quite a few years.

Back about two years ago there was an issue with the engine, they blew a head gasket and it went unnoticed for a little while until they had an over temp issue. So with funds being short and the jobs being farther and farther between, they decided to just park the truck until they could get it fixed. It's been like that for about two years now and more medical issues have reared their ugly heads. I've been tasked with selling both the truck in the trailer in hopes of offsetting the costs of a liver transplant for my mom.

The truck has about 750,000 miles on it most of which most of it is highway miles with a 40' PJ trailer behind it. For the mileage the truck is actually in great shape, it spent most of its time in the south so there is very little rust on the truck. It definitely needs to be cleaned up but it wouldn't be a bad daily driver if someone took the time to clean it up and fix up/replace the engine.

Ideally what needs to happen is that the engine needs to be pulled and rebuilt or replaced with a new long block. I don't believe that the heads are warped but without pulling it there's really no way to tell. The drivetrain is all original so it really is a testament to how far these will go. As you can imagine the batteries are currently dead so I'll need to get this thing on a charger before moving.

From my understanding, the vehicle will still start and move under its own power but obviously, it's not something that you want to drive home. I will be putting it on my gooseneck in order to move it and can deliver if necessary, really just trying to get this thing off the property and fund a few months in the care facility for my family.

Truck has a Michigan title and will be sold with the release of lien paperwork, truck is RWD, tires appear to be in good shape, will clean out the personal stuff before sale just haven't had the opportunity to as of yet. Please let me know if there are any specific questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

Price on the truck as it sits is $5,000 and I'll include delivery for that price if you're unable to transport it yourself. I'm available to look at it most days but may have you talk to my brother in law if I'm not available.

Pictures can be seen here....


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