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ok dont shoot me as i am sure i wil be missing several things here, but ask and i will find some answers.

this belongs to my aunt and she nolonger wants it as her husband died she has no real use for it and could use the cash. i will double check on the length but it is 34 or 36 ft.

manufactured in march of 2007 as a 2008 model and has only been used for a handfull of months and has been empty for over 1 1/2 years now. they had bought it in late summer and went to florida in the fall and came back it feb and he passed in march and it has been basicly sitting after that. they took everything out, and a few months back i went and cleaned/ vacumed it out.

the good,

it has all the things you would expect from a newer trailer

there are 3 slides two beds, a queen in the "master bedroom", and a pull out in the sofa. the dining chairs has storage under the seats as well as plentey overhead cubbies.

i am sure there is more, but i dont know every detail of the trailer


not too much but needs to be covered

the worst being there is a small amount of damage to the outside from a pole that was rubbed

next i would have to say are some stains that are on the carpet. i belive mostly from coffee. (he had bad shakes near the end) they where blotted with towels at the time but have not been properly cleaned yet. (ie. good steam clean)

and the only other thing that i am aware of is the celing fan isn't supposed to work.

i have several pics below if there is anything that is needed to know i will find out, can take more pics.

asking $25,000 can be worked a little but it is just turning 2 model years old so don't be stupid. this was bought for $48,000 less than 2 years ago. also there may be room for some trade plus cash (car plus money ect.) but that will be up to her discretion if it is something that she is interested in or not.

my name is steve and my number is 269 . 906 . 0043 i will try to answer all questions and will find out the stuff i dont know.. possible delivery/ partial delivery possible through me.. for probly not much more than fuel.. within a resonable distance. (say 3/4 hours one way..)

vin tag

out side closed up

inside closed

outside open

and the rest of the inside

the stuff in the shower is rv drain antifreeze

and the damage

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