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I just bailed my buddy out and he couldnt repay me besides the 4 wheeler..My wife is pissed about letting me ride one around.....I dont know crap about quads but the artic seems pretty quick ive only rode it up and down the rd a few times..( i have two suvs and no way to haul it)

All i know its got electric start a manual clutch 5spd with reverse...its liquid cooled 4 stroke.(ur better off googling the 400 dvx then listening to me explain it)

What it needs........the plasitc is all there but the left rear seems floopy...and the cable that your suppose to use to start it when cold is broke where it says choke on lever..

Id be interested in anything really.......even a bike even though i have no clue how to ride. cars trucks lol even another suv would be wise id take 1500

i forgot to add the tires are all the square knobby ones that he just put on so theres ahell of alotta tread left on all 4

ill post pics tomorrow
email pm call or text me 5179607089
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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