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I got my 01 black 4-door XJ about two months ago, with roughly 103k on it. The whole thing has about 105 on it, and it got rear-ended just last week. It won't start, presumably due to the fact that the fuel pump electronics were disturbed in the crash. I am keeping only a few things from it for now, but the rest of the vehicle is for sale. The glass is all good, and everything but the lift gate, rear bumper, and possibly some of the right rear quarter is all good. I will get some pictures posted soon, but the list of things I'm keeping is as follows:

Tires (I will sell the old ones off my new 00 XJ though)
Wheels (Again, selling the stock chromes from the 00 XJ)
Battery (If I can revive the yellow top that was in it, I'll even sell the stock battery from the 00 XJ)
Window switches
Transfer case

engine- 600
rear axle- 200 (chrysler 8.25, Non-ABS)
front axle- 150 (D30, 27 spline, Low pinion)
Axle shafts (inner and outer, hubs included)- 50 bucks per axle
wiper motors- 25 each
[strike]driver tail light- 25 [/strike]
[strike]headlight bezels- 35 each[/strike]
front seats- 50 each
rear seat- 50
seat belts- 25 each (Only front belts available)
carpet- 50 for all carpet
center console- 40 (hinge rusted, plastic clip missing/broken)
steering column- 150 with air bag, no cruise, no keys
fenders- [strike]40 (passenger)[/strike] 20 (driver)
rear bumper- free (dented heavily, bent up, you remove it it's yours)
rear hatch- free (dented heavily at bottom, glass broken)
transmission- 200
hood- 100 (has some small denting toward driver, probably from some idiot over-tightening the bolts)
Front drive shaft- 75
rear drive shaft- 75
Doors- shell (80 each), trim included
[strike]header panel- 85[/strike]
power window motors- 30 each (two remain, one front one rear)
switches- 10

Pics available here:

PM me with offers, or for more info.

or call and leave a message 248.941.8027

All prices are OBO, I'm open to some trades for other XJ shit, money talks, and I'm listening.

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i need pass rear window motor front wiper motor wiper switch and are the rear springs junk?

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dakotaguy- I would sell as a whole (or whats left), but I don't think you'd want to pay that much. I need the money from a part-out more than I need the jeep out of my face. At some point it'll get so far, I have a frame and nothing else left, at that point I'll sell the frame and freebie off the rest of the goodies (which don't match my new XJ). However, throw a price at me via PM and I'll listen. I'm open to offers.

dirt poor-PM'd

tom tom- PM'd

Thanks so much for the fast replies/ PM's and interest, guys. Just a small update, for those wondering, It's not in a good spot for me to pull things like axles, tank, etc right now. All my tools are in my shop in Hadley, and that's where my lift is, too. I am in the process of figuring out a flatbed to get it there, and winched onto the lift to strip it down. Soon, It'll be a lot easier to access the tougher stuff requiring a lift, air tools, or more than one person. But I am still open to the offers, they light a fire under my ass to get the XJ moved to my shop.

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You are in Rochester Hills and have a shop in Hadley?? I work in Auburn Hills and live in Metamora. I may be able to help you get it out here. Is it in Rochester Hills?

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interested in front fenders, header panel, grill, lights, front flares, headlight buckets.
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