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Selling whole or in parts. 2000 xj, set up for a ls th400 and atlas.

Front is a 3 link with 12" travel coil overs and 2.5 inch internal bypass fox shocks. 7075 aluminum links.

Rear is bds leafs with 2.5 inch internal bypass fox shocks.

Steering is a 4 bolt Saginaw box (same as a stock box bit 4 bolt and hydro assist ) with dual ended hydro assist

Front axle is a spider trax housing with with super duty outers.
Rear axle is a trussed semi float 9"

Basically looking to sell a rolling chassis minus drivetrain with all suspension 3500.00$ (this is just a starting point I am willing to negotiate based on what parts stay and what go.)

I have 13 tires and wheels ranging from new to destroyed due to rocks all mtr kevlars on steel wheels

Not sure how to price these yet


Parts I plan to keep unless we negotiate price for them.

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Engine wiring
T case
Cooling system
Fuel cell
Guages and wiring

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He said something about 37's on Facebook. If he has 4 37's that are decent I would be interested in those too lol

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