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2 time award winning Project "YJ-8 Wrambler"

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well i figured my rig is pretty unique so i decided to do a build tread
its basically a wrangler frame stretched 10 inches in the middle and out the back with a scrambler tub and yj drivetrain and electronics
frame stretch

initial mock up

the motor is a 95 2.5L with (in this pic ax5) dana 30/35 with posi

we went with a 4 inch spring in the front and spring over in the back

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next came the fiberglass body
we saved all the goodies off the steel body (rollbar, bulkhead, top and tailgate)

that prety much was all the parts to get it put together
the yj fenders made mouting all the factory pieces much easier
we ended up using a yj dash and column as well
it all came together just in time for a run up at silver lake in august of 09
and the lighweight body made all the diference
this jeep does good in the dunes

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Nice I like it good work
last winter was paint, body, and power time
i installed a 4.0 throttle body, electric fan, made a throttle body spacer, and my dad welded up a 2.5 inch stainless exaust

the next upgrade was the notorious ax5 it never had 5th gear since we put it in the jeep so it was time for a change
i picked up a factory cj 2.5L belhousing for a t5 and picked up a t5 from someone on here
the only thing that had to be done was to weld in the crank position sensor

the 231 got a slip yolk eliminator at the same time
this is the whole setup

the fenders were getting rusty so we thought up some diamond plate ones

it was also time to go from a triple tone to a rattle can tan :thumb:
this pic also shows the diamond plate rear bumper

this is prety close to what it looks like now
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Nice I like it good work
thanks :thumb:
Thanks guys
The tread is about 95% up to date
here is some more random pictures
i am a third generation jeeper
from the left is my dads 48 all original with three point hitch and pto, next is my grandpas original 66 tuxedo park cj5 with the oddfire buick v6, then my jeep, then my dads diamond plate cj7

this is a picture of after a trip to bundy hill

this is the package that the original body got sold with

a good stuck picture that shows the spare tire carrier

lil dirty

couple action shots

as you can tell i have alot of pictures but here is the link to the rest Wrambler/
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i have a factory heater, windsheild squirter and correct collum i will be putting in in the next couple weeks along with a new engine harness and maybe dash harness too
i am also going to put a two way vacuum switch in instead of the one on the transfer case to switch the cad unit on the axle because ive been having problems with it
my future plans also include Wagoneer Dana 44s with 4.88s a Detroit rear and some form of a posi or lunch box up front ( i already have the axles)

a supercharger, i already have the eaton m62 supercharger and all the material and elbows i need to make it work, physically at least, electronics is just the problem

in the distant future my plans include a tummy tuck, a lower profile aluminum fuel tank, a 6 point rollcage (ive already got a fully tied in 4 point roll bar) with removable bars to take the hard top off and on and an aluminum diamond plate front bumper the same style as my rear
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i like where this is going. I like your wrambler. good work.
this weekend i had a prety good time in the mud
dont u think?

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well i have been collecting some more parts

and i got my new console installed today

i need someone to buy my suburban so i can but gears and lockers for my 44s
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well i was busy tonight.
i pulled my old heater, dash, and steering column out and i changed some things around and started to mount my new heater

under dash a/c unit converted to a heater, removed

gutted of everything but the dash harness

mach up

test fit with couple holes drilled including the hole for the motor

how it currently sits
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I didnt know you had that much done last night. Should have looked at this instead of fixing the dash lights in your suburbon:sonicjay:
lol, ya i was busy
im headed back out to the barn in a little bit, hopefully i will have the heater in tonight
well tonight was a frustrating but still productive night
ive got the lower half of the heater mounted and hooked up mostly, and it fought me most of the way.
i drilled a bunch of holes in the 1/4 in angle iron we added originally as a cowel stiffner so that my defrost will work...started drilling too high but figured it out for the drivers side. thats the only side that matters right?
well tomorrow i get to cut a big hole in the cowel for the fresh air intake so that should be fun but i should finish that up tomorrow along with the windsheild squirters and hopefully i will have it done for silver lake this weekend

this is how it currently sits
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well ive got it back together, i finished it last weekend
i got the new column in and finished the heater install
got the holes cut in the cowl
i got my washer bottle bracket sand blasted and painted and squirters and tank mounted

i dont have any pics of it all buttoned up but here is it close
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