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1999 Jeep Wrangler sahara sport utility

124,500 k miles

Very minimum rust


4.0 straight 6

No light, no problems.

$7000 obo

Got rocks?
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you just asked me to remove a very nice a post from one of your for sale adds.
so i did, then u do this?
Edited out the part where you said i'm "not smart"? That's nice of you.

Actually, if you recall my explanation, you were bashing my product - promoting the fact that someone should buy something else instead of mine. I didn't take kindly to it, but was kind about asking you to remove it.

Now. Did I take too far? Maybe so - thanks for pointing that out. Really I was trying to draw attention to the OP of an extremely poorly written ad, an OP who came here ONLY to sell their vehicle(as it appears) - not make any friends.. Dare I say it's even a scam ad, but time will tell.

Good day.
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