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It's been a long time since I've visited here but the time has come for me to part ways with my 5.9. It runs and drives okay. It would make someone a good project or quick cash parting it out. I'm looking for $1200 OBO. I'm in SE Michigan and it's currently unplated and uninsured so I can't meet anywhere far from home.

Lift and steering was done in 2010 and the axles were swapped in 2014. It was my DD for many years until 2012 when I started using it for a winter and hunting rig. Everything was professionally installed by Jeepers Creeperz in Wyandotte. Since being retired from DD duty, I've only been putting 500-1000 miles on it per year. Last year was probably a little more as I did a couple 400 mile hunting trips. Let me know if you have any questions or want any additional pictures.

List of mods and upgrades:

-4.5" IRO front long arm lift kits with adjustable rears
-1" Crawler Ready spacer to give a total of 5.5" of lift
-8.8 rear: Artec swap and truss kit, 4.10 gears, limited slip, Solid diff cover
-HPD30: 4.10 gears, Solid diff cover
-(5) 33x12.5x15 Duratracs on Micky Thompson sidebiter wheels
-IRO over the knuckle steering
-Addco front and rear sway bars
-ARB bumper: Warn M8000 winch and Hella 100W black magic lights
-AEM cold air intake
-Bushwacker fender flares
-JCR stage 2 rock sliders
-Kolak 3" exhaust w/flowmaster 70 muffler
-Kolak tune up and ignition kit
-JKS sway bar disconnects
-KOR steering stabilizing brace
-interior carpet pulled up and bedlined except for cargo area
-new gauges

List of replaced parts:

- fuel pump
-water pump
-transmission rebuilt at around 150k miles
-section of brake line

List of extras included with Jeep:

-231 t case
-set of KC 100W lights
-extra alternator
-Warn winch kit
-Hughes engine plenum gasket

List of known things wrong:

- VC in the 249
-could use an alignment
-headliner is starting to come apart and fall down
-small crack in lower left of windshield
-small power steering leak
-plenum gasket needs replaced
-rear main seal leaks
-rear passenger handle is coming apart but still works
- no ABS and the lines were cut when the axles were swapped in
-CEL occasionally comes on but goes off again after a few starts. I haven't had it scanned so no idea what its for
-sunroof doesn't work and has been sealed on top
-both rear vent shades are broke
-water leak: water gets in somewhere around the passenger a pillar and also the rear hatch
-rust: 20+ in the rust belt has taken its toll. Rockers are more or less gone. Rear hatch is starting to rust out under the lip. There is a small hole in the font passenger floor board. The unibody is solid for the most part but has some rust developing in the rear and around the area where the hitch mounts.
-scratch/rust on the hood from a battle with a mail box.
-passenger heated seat


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