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selling my 1997 GMC 1/2 Ton 6.5L Diesel pick up with Western now plow - $3,500. This is a rare combination of a 1/2 Ton , extended cab and step side (plastic) box, with a diesel engine.

Interior is leather and in good shape (sorry - text me for photos). Runs great, and has automatic transmission. I drive it about 2,000 miles a year now, so selling. I'm third owner and I know first two owners - all adult owners.

Good: New tires, batteries, power steering pump and newer exhaust, brakes and ball joints.
Bad: Rust

Mileage is 202,000 miles... selling because I am not a body shop guy.

More photos available, but unable to load them. Truck stored in Waterford MI.

Call or text me at 248 660 5174.

thanks/ Ron


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More of a bump for what could be a cool street/strip truck then anything.

Couple interesting and important things worth mentioning.


Turbo (should be) and 180(should be) or 190 hp(hood sticker)?

Lift pump age?
Injector pump age?
Oil press switch age(cheap part to save the expensive ones)?
Glow plugs age?
PMD(little black box on the injector pump) age?
Last Filter change/rebuild on transmission?
Truck weight?

Any other modifications or new parts?

Oh and MPG? As it is a light duty truck I imagine it will be in the high 20's.

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Truck is turbo, not sure horse power, but it is an S engine.
Lift pump is about 1 year old.
PMD has been relocated to behind fronr bumper, mounted on heat removal plate.
Glow plugs, six were replaced about a year ago.
Oil sender is bad, i have new one. Fuel pump wired to an On Off switch.
Fuel filter replaced about 6 months ago, and I run fuel conditioner.
Fuel tank was removed and cleaned a few years ago.
Trans is automatic, 4l8o-e , which is used in 2500 series trucks.
Truck is a 4x4.

I only drove truck about 1,500 miles a year. Last year all alxe, transfer case and transmission fluids were changed.

Sorry for delay reply, I did not receive notice from site posting had replies.

Open to offers. Thanks

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Trans never been overhauled, but i keep fluid fresh.
Injector pump was replaced before i bought it, not sure when.
Mileage - never checked it empty, but when pulling landscape trailer with my YJ jeep loaded on it, and camping gear, gets 14-15 mpg at 70 mph. I seldom drive it so never checked it empty.

Other new parts...exhaust down pipe, muffler, heater blower motor, heater switch and brake master cylinder replaced last year. New upper and lower ball joints a few years ago, new front and rear brakes also done few years ago. New batteries and tires this year.

Truck has A/C , system is charged but a pressure switch must be bad - compressor will run when jumper wire used, and pumps, but cant get it to cycle otherwise.

If more questions let me know.
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