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This is a project or parts car. Z28 code on the title. $600

I bought this car 11 years ago from my wife's uncle. It was stolen from him, and had V8 train removed. He put a V6 drive train in it. I drove it until it puked, and put an old school 383 stroker in it. Then the 383 spun a bearing, and I yanked it all back out.

I loved this car.

Body is in good shape, and has an aftermarket hood. I dont remember how many miles, but its over 120K.

The ground went out on it, and fried the electric window motors, so the interior panels are off.

Now it just sits in my polebarn collecting sawdust.

Gastank is removed, I once had an aftermarket one in there.
Wiring harness isn't in good shape. (I didnt need most of it for the 383)

Currently has V6 front cross member with welded V8 mounts. I also have the v8 member, but they are a bitch to swap. Tranny member has a tab welded to it for TH-350 mount.

Limited slip carrier.

Tires are medium to worn out, and old.

I like dirtbikes, winches, and XJs... and money. I will not part out.

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