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have decided to sell my prized possession in my 91 Jeep. 4.0L 5 speed She is not as pretty as she used to be when I rebuilt it about 8 years ago. It is a good reliable jeep with some extras;

Custom Paint Job designed by me. Corvette Yellow and Tuner Blue
It has a Dana 44 rear axle from a J20 cut down and Mosler axles with a Limited Slip Differential and yes the e-brake works.
4" Suspension Lift (2 years old) and new shocks.
Bedlined Tub with really nice carpet.
Aftermarket Spice Seats are in Really nice shape, no sagging.
6 speaker overhead Bar, with Speaker pods in back and sides of backseat which also double as drink holders.
Stock looking dash but custom led backlighting in Spice.
Custom door panels in Blue/Spice.
Tuffy High security center console.
Tons of Stainless hardware and bolts.(I used all stainless when reassembling her)
Oversize Xenon Fender flares (best on the market)

Well cared for Engine with all synthetic lubes since I had it.
High Flow Intake and Gibson exhaust (sounds good)

This was not haphazardly put together, it was many months of care and thought, to much to list here.

I have extra parts that go with her if I get my asking price otherwise I sell them separate.

I am asking $4500 which I think is a fair price for what you get.

What bad I can tell you is I am starting to see some rust start in the normal places and the engine is at 205000 miles but is running strong. I am starting to see some oil leak between the engine and trans which I am told is not uncommon for the 4.0L and that age (rear oil seal needs to be replace sometime). So honesty is my best policy and I have tried to tell you what I can.
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