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Okay, this truck is rough, but with a little work, can be a great work truck/bogger/plow truck.

It has a 5.9 6bt Cummins 12v.
The trans is a 727 non overdrive
NP 205
Dana 70U rear
Dana 61 front
3.07 gearing
Std. cab/ long bed

I bought this truck from a guy that I do lawn care for. About five years ago, he was driving it and the ujoint on the front driveshaft let go. The driveshaft took a chunk out of the trans, right along the pan. He had it towed to his yard and it sat for about five years before I got it.

The engine runs. I put a new fuel filter on it, and hooked it up to a five gallon can, and it starts right up. This engine can be put in damn near anything, as it does not need that many wires to run.

The trans could be fixed, or you could find a junk one and have the guts swapped over.

As it sat for five years, mice lived in it. It would need to be gutted, but the nice thing is that Dodge Ram stuff from 1980 and before will swap right into it.

The alt is frozen up, but it coultd be rebuilt for ~$100.
The cab has typical dodge rust, over the windshield, and on the rockers. The rust over the windshield is though, and rain has leaked into the truck. I have seen this fixed byadding Great Stuff in there, or you could weld in some sheet metal, and fix it right. Bed has some rust, and a couple of holes, but honestly looks okay for an 18-year-old truck.
I chnaged my mind on this truck because it does not fit my family needs. With five of us, I need a truck that can fit us all.

Price is $1300 obo. I do not want any trades. Snow plow stuff is gone.
I need this to go!


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ok is this complete if so does the trans leak i need a trans in a bad way for my 92 dodge plow truck with the diesel so let me kwon if the trans and engine are good and its complete very interested in this
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