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100_0674 2.jpg 1988 toyota extra-cab
stock 22re rebuilt ( at carquest) almost done
have reuild kit for it.. and there is $300.00 paid on the bill there you get the rest..kit came with a rv cam.. still need a head
new clutch from trail-gear cemic clutch
lc engineering header

BDS 4 Inch blocks in the rear
BDS shocks at all 4 corners
Everything up front was replaced ball joint tie-rods cv shafts
u-joints in both drive shafts
Energy suspension in everything

Wheels and Tires
Steelies powder coated black
33x12.50x15 Super Swamper SSR

USA Gearing from randys ring and pinion

There is over 2000.00 in powder coating on the truck front and rear diffs
control arms ..etc..
anything that came off the truck when we were doing the lift was coated..

The bad.. the fuel plate is leaking at the prssure line at the tank is leaking
very bad about a gallon in a 1min.. have the new assembly to fix with gasket and screws...truck does drive though

There is alittle bit of body damage on the truck its the way i got it.. drivers door and back corner of front fender dented in.. and tail gate from a high lift jack..

Your gain my loss
looking 4 $3200.00 O.B.O.
call or pm 989-415-3591.. tyler
Can get more pics if needed

You might need to copy and paste address


Home Sweet Homicide
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Still living at Huntington hey?

Gonna check on an older reg. cab that was sitting at work for a while. SHould be cheap.

free bump

Home Sweet Homicide
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That isn't Tim Smith's old turbo truck is it? 5.29s in it?
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