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How'd I End Up Here?
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1985ish Ford Ranger

*Truck has all lights and blinkers, was registered.

Located 20 Minutes south of Houghton, MI

2.9L, 5 Speed, electric t case, Dana 28/7.5" rear
Runs and drives
Stripped for weight savings
Relocated tank for ground clearance.
Solid Truck, nearly rust free cab.
Welded rear axle
C-Clip eliminated in the D28, heavy duty u joints welded to shafts.
3" Body lift
Doved Front end
Bobbed rear end
Battery in Cab

Clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, starter
Wheel bearings
Head gaskets
Plugs, wires, rotor

Engine still pings under load and overheats. I changed the head gaskets, but this didn't fix it.

Needs snorkel finished, and few other odds and ends. T-case must be put into 4x manually from under the truck.

Had a set of 33" Boggers with ~40-50% tread (but never cut) that were ganked by another wheeler up at Tech. If I can't get them back form him, I'll sell the truck for $100 less.

Oh, and the windshield got broke when the hood flew up on me. (Needs hood pins)


You can message me on here, or call 623.512.2931


I cleaned up the bed, added tailights and exhaust since these pics.
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