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What an incredibly detailed post. I can't imagine this thing will last long.


A picture is worth 1,000 words. Even more on this website when you're trying to sell a vehicle. :beer:

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More info requested, ok
It's a Jeep CJ7 4.2L Automatic
Completely stock, no modifications
Don't know the axle ratios, front axle ball joints and U-joints are toast
Engine has Carter carb + a header which makes it not stock. The engine blows as in it has blow-by issue.
Nice front tube bumper.
50% + tread BFG 31s
Transmission, it has one, it's a 3spd auto, in great shape
Transfer case, it has one, it works great
Rear axle, it has one, in good shape, don't know the ratio
Full hard doors, good to great shape
Hardtop, good to great shape
New windshield frame and seal, glass spent.
It has lots of other bit's and pieces attached to it.
It's a complete car, not a part out.
But, parted out would bring more than a grand, way. Easily.

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Ran out of space, part II

Frame, it has one, been patched for stiffening in good shape.
miles - I'm guessing in the 50,000 range. Have never looked at the speedo.
It sat for 15 + years in a garage with 32,758 miles on it, I got it running with $2,000 in parts and fixes, enjoyed it, now selling it.

Interior pictures, nadda.
But heres a description,
Steel carpet, rusted,
Steel dash, good shape.
Dash eyebrow, great shape
Door panels, great shape.
It has two front seats and one back seat in fair condition.
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