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79 body, 82 frame,

Professionally swapped engine by RTI in Denver CO, 5VZ-FE, 3.4 liter, manual (Swap was $5,105.17 done on 8/7/14, I have invoice, from previous owner)
Re tubed rear drive shaft from Dave off road in CA
Detroit Truetrac locker front and Rear 4:88 gears
Tires are in great shape, BFG, Mud Terrain T/A 33x12.5
Grant Steering Wheel
Flowmaster knock off muffler, exhaust was just re hung
New front calipers and pads
Remote diff breathers for front and rear diffs
Just repainted with Black Rustolum bed liner, looks pretty good for what it is.
Supra seats
Doors are removable, I have two sets of hinges
has cd/mp3 player, and blue tooth hook up (new rockford speakers)
I just ordered 450 of new parts

New shifter seat, in trans and Tcase
Couple of new shifter and tcase knobs
Bunch of other odds and ends that I haven't bother to list

This a fun truck with a ton of power.....Stock is around 80 hp, its got 190 hp now!!

Normal wear and tear for a truck this old. (Couple of rust holes in the cab floor, but frame is very solid)

18K on the odometer, its rolled over I am sure

Asking 5K - SOLD
(could be open to trades RZR, quad, lifted golf cart, etc Please PM me if you're interested in a trade, with your offer)

Open to nice gun trades, scar 16s/17s + cash, or anything else awesome

Really need something with 4 doors, for wife and two kids


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Sorry, I added the mileage to the original post, I believe it 17K on the OD, motor was gone through at RTI, you can review the invoice attached. I am not sure the mileage on everything since its a swapped motor, 82 frame and 79 body. Everything is really solid but the body shows its age.

Let me know when you want to come drive it?

miles on motor ???
miles on running gear???

I have cash

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I have a 2002 Ford Focus SE 4 door I may be willing to trade.

Body and interior are in great shape. Very little rust. Some scratches but overall nice. Has ford keyless entry as well as a viper remote start. Kenwood Bluetooth hands free Hd media receiver with usb Ipod control + aux input.

I bought the car with 140k with a bad engine from the original owner. I basically rebuilt the entire car.

#4 cylinder dropped a valve seat and busted the piston. I removed and rebuilt the engine completely. The #4 cylinder was resleeved by my machinist. I also had him replace all the exhaust and intake valve seats with the updated parts that will not fail like the originals. New valve seals, valves, etc.

To try and make a long story short, heres a list of everything I replaced it fixed.

4 new hypereutectic pistons (speed pro)
1 new oem ford Connecting Rod
Polished crankshaft (still standard size)
Clevite main and rod bearings
Haistings rings
Melling oil pump and pick up tube
Water pump
Intake and exhaust valves and seats
Dayco timing belt + tensioner kit
Had alternator + starter rebuilt locally.
Felpro gaskets.
Bosch o2 sensors
Crank position sensor
Cam position sensor
Throttle position
Upper and lower hoses
Coolant temp sensor
Coil pack
Plugs and wires
Motorcraft battery
Both CV axle shafts
Transmission filter fluid and pan gasket
Lower control arms + ball joints - Raybestus professional
Outer tie rod ends
Front and rear struts and strut mounts
Coolant reservoir
Engine mounts.

There are probably a few things I missed but you get the idea. I spared no expense fixing this car as I planned on driving it a long time.

I have since put approx 20k on the car and have had 0 issues.

The only thing I have yet to replace are the rear wheel bearings which are cheap and easy to do.


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No problem. If you think you're interested I'll be more than happy to let you drive it. I actually live in Coopersville so I'm not far away.

Web wheelin' on a budget.
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This truck is like a mash-up between Eleanor and Yota. I like it.

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I have been working on this almost every night the last couple of weeks cleaning it up and just getting everything inline. Just finished the quick removale doors, installed scan gauge ii in the dash. Exhasut is welded up and put on a hanger.
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