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I'm a Newb (but not dumb)
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Porsche 924

It has a 2.0 NA engine
5 Spd Manual Trans
The vehicle runs and drives good.
Has a newer clutch and exhaust.
It has a new battery and newer tires.

No Major problems but there are some minor ones.

The worst thing is the transmission does not down shift the best. (it
does do it) It works and is perfectly drivable but it may need a trans
rebuild a few years down the road.

It has an oil leak (from the oilpan) about a quart of oil every tank or 2.

The windows do not function right now and I'm not really sure what is
causing the problem.

The rear hatch has the dreaded water leak like almost every 924

I'm asking $1300 obo for it.

And I'm open to alot of trades tools, welders, jeep cherokee parts, Music equipment, Newer Laptop, Playstation 3, X box 360 (not looking for another car but you never know) so make me an offer.

And the color is a dark metallic silver

lets give this a try


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you said you don't want another car, but you put up there you'd be interested in cherokee parts..... i have a cherokee (whole car) that you can gladly use for parts.... that is, of course, if you're willing to trade. let me get some pictures for you and we'll go from there if you have any interest at all
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