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I wasn't sure where I should post this but here it goes.

I just bought a 1979 F250 it has a 400 motor, C6, and 205. I am selling the truck as a whole minus the axles and driveshafts. I was told it runs and drives in fact I guess the trans had a recent rebuild. I can not verify this though because some moron lifted the front of the truck with a forklift and poked a hole in the oil pan. It has not been started since. The body is junk and there is no box. The frame is bad right where the gas tank sits.

I am selling this for $200 you must pickup. I would think it is worth more than that in scrap and even more parted out but I don't have the time to do it. I will leave the axles on until it is on your trailer and than cut them off. I can also winch it up onto the trailer for you.

I would like it gone by this weekend.

The best way to reach me is my cell 231-838-7111 text or call.

If you would like pics please let me know what you would like to see and I can take them tomorrow.

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