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Direct Drive FTW
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Pictures tell a lot about this. Cj-5 restro/#!cpZZ13QQtppZZ16

The following "book" should answer a lot of questions.

This started out as a restoration. I found this jeep up around Lowell with a good frame and near completely stock drive train.

I was planning on getting a Willy Overland repo-tub and restoring this to stock condition.

But, having only been able to spend 7 hours total with this over the last 2 years I have come to the conclusion that I should just pass it on to someone that can do something with it.

It is a 1969 cj-5 with a good frame with the stock drive train except the engine (I think). I think it has the 231 out of a 76 skylark because that is written on the fan shroud. But that may just be referring to the HEI distributor and actually have the stock 225.

So, I get the jeep and see it may not have the original engine. It is late when I get back to the house so that day is lost. I planned on restoring this, so the next day I drive 4 hours and get a 69 Dauntless 225 engine with 25k on it from CJfreak on here.

This is a long block and seems to be well taken care of.

The engine would not turn over due to a bad starter so the next day I head out and grab a new battery and starter. I install the starter and rig up a hard wired key because the stock wiring is pretty much shot. I put some new gas in it and turn it over expecting it to be froze. It turns over easy surprisingly. But, I can not get it to stay running. I poured some gas down it while turning the key and it can run that way not kicking out smoke. I'm guessing it needs the fuel system run through. But just have not had enough time to mess with it.

A while goes by and I see a 60's Myers top from dmc on here and jump on it. I had been using my old YJ top just to keep it covered before this.

So, I have a Myers top and doors. This use to be a button soft top and had the hardware but I removed that and the buttons to set that hard top on. The windshield has a lip at the top that sticks out about a quarter of a inch. I believe the lip is for the soft top to secure to but am unsure. The hard top has a lip at the front and that hits the windshield lip. I was going to grind down that lip and the hard top would then fit snug. But never had the time to cut or grind anything so the hard top is just sitting on there.

I pretty much say screw the stock thing and I picked up a t-18 jeep/ford hybrid and bring it back to Michigan. It is a jeep t-18 with ford internals(so I am told) I am tossing it in if the buyer wants it.
From there my mind kept tearing apart this bit by bit until the only stock pieces that would be left would have been like half the firewall and the frame.

Instead of cutting this up I am just going to get rid of it and build a buggy.

I would like someone to buy everything so I can just forget about this. Maybe I will build one later when I am home more then 7 days year.


-Outer body is covered in thick bondo in spots. The inner body and under body looks good but the outside of the tub looks bad. It could be a good wheeling or trail tub but it won't win any beauty contest. Without soda blasting the tub I can not say how bad it is so I'm just going to say it needs repair. I bought the jeep with the intent of replacing the tub before I even seen it.
- Engine may need carb/fuel pump replaced.
- Need to modify windshield or top to make them fit.
-Top's back glass replaced with lexan
-wagon wheels/tires go flat.

-Seats are like new
-Tub looks good from the outside/bottom
-Engine in it is either a 225 or 231.
-I have a 69 225 long block that I was told has 25 k on it.
-Mostly everything is original
-Comes with period matching Myers top.
-Has a new starter

I need to list a price so lets just start with $1800. I will toss in the t-18 for free. I may even toss in the red top if it sells before I leave. Oh I have a brand new car cover in the box for this that I was never around to install. I may toss that in also.

So for $1800 your getting a pretty much stock cj-5, Myers top, Myers doors, a long block 225, and a t-18.

I don't want to screw around. I am not making money on this and am telling you everything I know. I pretty much want it gone so I can put a running/driving thing in its place.

The only thing I really be interested in for a trade is a double axle utility trailer, double axle enclosed trailer, or a trailer I can use to move the 6 feet wide by 11 feet long 3200 lb buggy that I plan on building around on.

I will be home for sure the 24th and the 25th for sure. I may show up as early as the 22nd and leave as early as the afternoon on the 25th. I wont know until the 20th for sure. After the 25th consider this not for sale because under this current contract the next time I will be able to sell it is next September. I am coming back for Christmas. But, I expect this to be burred under snow a few hundred feet from the driveway. After Christmas, unless I change contracts, I plan on staying out until 11/20/12.

Direct Drive FTW
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Replaced the fuel pump and it runs. Quadrajunks accelerator pump is shot so that will get tossed. Removed the lip on the windshield and the hard top is on. Can not get the T-14 into 1st or Reverse(shift pin)but the 4wd works.
I have a 350/465/dana 18 and passenger side drop fj-62 axles and could wedge all this into this cj-5. But, I plan on tossing those in a TF 151 style buggy.

Will hang onto it for now and figure out what to do with it next winter.
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