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I have for sale 3LH and 4RH heim joints that I bought for a project.. You can get the info here on them

They all have jam nuts and Zerk fittings installed by radial bearing.. These are HEAVY DUTY -- They are the hardened steel lined not Teflon so in the dirty conditions of the muddin' world they hold up a lot better.. plus with the grease fittings you just grease them to get the dirt out..

Will sell shipped for $280 - via paypal I payed a lot more for them then that.. These are brand new .. Only reason I'm selling is I've moved on to raising kids for a while and don't have time to build a project ..

I have the other LH one hiding somewhere. I can't find it so that's why there is only 7 for sale.

The paint can cap is just there for size reference

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