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(1) Goodyear Duratrac 33x12.50xr15 $50

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Selling 2 Goodyear Duratracs. 33x12.50xr15. Have a little under 35,000 miles on them. Asking $100 for both. Thanks!
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How much tread is left? An cupping, or chopping to them? Pics please I will probably take those off your hands!
I tried posting the pics with the tread depth and etc but it wouldn't load. Send me your email and I can send them to you
BUMP!! Still have 1 tire left! $50. I want it gone NOW!!
Bump 1 tire left. Want it gone! $50
bumping the crap out of this thread till this is gone. Sorry people, no trades, need $$!!
bump, still have this for sale!
1 - 19 of 23 Posts