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08 Sierra SAS "The Work Truck"

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Undertaking a new bdmt project. I can't get away from the full sizes :sonicjay: hoping to have it done by the reject run, or at least functional...

My nephew Timothy who isn't afraid to get dirty, my bro in law Derek who like going wheeling with me, and my wife are all a big part of this build. :beer::beer:

Plans are, pull the axle off the 00 Silverado and use just about everything from that to get this going. 3 link front, use my old radflo coilovers unless i can scrounge up enough pennies for new fox shocks.
Shorten the rear end up by 26 to 30"
Install my underdrive with the Ford 205 transfer (Mr. Hyde is building this for me) behind it.
Have 1420 drivelines made.
Get the winch from the other truck installed.
Maybe do a 4 link in the rear if i have time... not so sure this will happen though lol
Run the 37's off the other truck, but set this one up to stuff 40's because that's the end goal

20191206_182918 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

20191206_182947 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

20191206_182938 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

How it looked when i brought it in the shop

20191207_085646 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

Pulled the box and trans. It's getting a 6l80e since there 6l90e isn't 4x4 and have weird ass spline counts. Mr. Hyde will be rebuilding the trans for me.

20191208_105438 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

20191208_105516 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

20191208_105459 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

What it looked like after the second night in the shop.
Pulled all the front suspension off. Makes things a little easier to access.

20191208_181914 by Sterlingfire 01, on Flickr

Just had to throw the spare under it to see what I'm dealing with.
Looks pretty sweet if you ask me.
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You photo bombed your own photo... lol

Project is looking good.
That backwards header has me wondering if this is getting the snail treatment?
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