You guys are welcomed to troll me if you like - I put this out on Marketplace and folks came after me with pitchforks and torches.

Certainly not after any sympathy, but in full transparency it's been a bad year. 3 months off work, a new job that pays less, inflation, wife unable to work due to medical issues, yeah. It's not a fire sale - if nobody buys it nobody buys it, if I can't get what I think is a fair price then im ok with that. The type of person that is going to buy this is going to put one tons and a V8 in it. /Shoulder shrug

I had it shipped in from Arizona in February, so it's remarkably clean, corrosion wise. It has 298k miles - no typo, so wear is to be expected. Clean title. It has all kinds of things wrong with it, but I drove it 60 miles a day every day all summer - it runs, drives, stops, and the horn goes beep beep. I will go over the thing with a fine toothed comb should anyone be crazy enough to want to buy it.

4.0, Auto, AC, Cruise, Temp/compass mirror, CD w/sub, Full doors, Dual fold and tumble front seats, Patriot Blue, 24h package, D44 rear, 3.73 gears.

It comes with a bare Rubi44 front axle w/ Artec lower mounts - I have a new ball joint or two, knuckles, a used 1310 yoke, a broken front Rubi locker for parts, a G2 aluminum diff cover, and I THINK a set of Rubi 4.10 gears - all included.

-2” RockKrawler Springs
-Rubicon Express(Bilstein) monotube shocks
-1” Marked Designs Aluminum BL
-Aluminum Radiator
-¼” Wall Adjustable lowers with Johnny’s and fixed bushings
-Metal Cloak adjustable rear uppers
-¼ Wall Adjustable front uppers with Teraflex joints(not installed but included)
-Rubicon Express front track bar
-Currie Antirock knockoff(Maxspeedingrods)
-Teraflex Belly up skid plate
-Warn rear bumper
-Marked Designs front bumper
-Max-bilt tail lights
-Warrior products license plate bracket
-Poison Spyder aluminum drop down tailgate - Murica' wrap
-LED headlights
-Motobilt powdercoated full length Rockers
-5 17x9 AEV Savegre Wheels
-4 315/70/17 Goodyear Territory MT’s(Bronco take offs)(2k miles)
-Rampage soft top
-Slotted front brake rotors
-K&N Filter on a chopped factory air tube
-Alpine CD/Bluetooth/USB head unit
-Aftermarket speakers all around(except sub)
-Quadratec hard floor mats

I HAD an LS and Rubi241 for it, but alas, they are goners.

$12,500 take or leave it price. I'd knock $500 off to keep the Rubi front axle & parts, and I'd knock off $500 if I keep the wheels and tires.
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