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  1. Vehicles for sale
    No catalytic converter- its been replaced with exhaust pipe. 2004 Jeep gramd cherokee Would make a great trail beater/silver lake beater. 4x4 with auto trans Great tires almost like new Damage all over 240k but it runs good and smooth Will start and run, drive, stop. Drivers window is blown...
  2. Vehicles for sale
    2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.0 runs smooth. Starts right up and drives good. It is in fact 2wd and came from florida. The paint/cleat is burnt on the roof and hood. There is absolutely no jeep "Rot" and the jeep is the best ive ever seen underneath for any box or grand cherokee. The jeep needs...
  3. Jeep tech FAQ
    Alright guys and gals... I have 99 Xj Sport 4.0. I have replaced the fuel pump, TPS, Idle Air, Cap Rotar, Plugs Wires, Crank Sensor... and a few others not listed... Has anyone figured this out yet. I have done hours of research with no help. just that its a NORMAL thing... long crank and the...
  4. Completed Sales
    *having trouble resizing pictures, it the same jeep as my profile picture* I am selling my 97 jeep Cherokee sport. I have two, only need one. It's has 188,xxx miles. Runs great. Valves tap a bit until warmed up just like most jeep 4.0 engines. Has done it since I got it at 130,000 miles. It...
  5. The Pub
    Debating on selling one of my xj's. Though I know I will never get the million dollars I believe it's worth I would like to get an idea of what I should ask. So that being said... This is what's done to it. 4 1/2 inch lift, rusty 150 pound springs, Rubicon express adjustable track bar, rough...
  6. Rig Builds and Pics
    The owners story... NO. I'm not building a damn old school Land Rover. Try to buy those parts at Performance Automotive in backwoods Jackson... worse yet, Grayling. I want (wanted) to build a two-tracking machine that I can drive there, and drive back. With low risk of breaking. And...
  7. Wanted
    Looking for a good running engine or at worst just the head. Going into a 97 Cherokee. Not trying to play junkyard roulette unless I have too. Thanks, Ron
  8. Wanted
    looking for a jeep Cherokee xj. would like minimal to no rust and would prefer one that is already lifted. I would prefer a long arm lift but its not a must. must be able to be driven on main roads and highways not just trails but will be primarily a trail rig. I have a price limit of $6000...
  9. Wanted
    I'm in the closing stretch of my budget xj build. Just down to lights and bumpers. Anything out there? Thanks, Ron-O
  10. Wanted
    looking for a set of wagon wheels for an xj or something else possibly, condition don't matter as long as they are not bent. with or without tires is fine. want for set of just trail tires to help prolong my new at's life span. thanks, Ron
  11. Jeep Tech
    is there an easy way of going about installing a trans temp gauge on an xj. its a 97 with a 4 speed auto (3 speed with overdrive?) in the process of building a rig for "mild" offloading. daily driver/ family trail rig type thing. already did lift, tires, worked over my intake a bit when i put a...
  12. Parts for sale
    got a set of 4 general grabber hts 245/75/17 (its like a 31) tires, took off a ford f250. tires have about 50 percent tread on average I'm guessing, maybe a little more. tires only had 19,000 miles. best offer or trade takes them. will try and upload pics or i can text them. got some random xj...
  13. Parts for sale
    looking for some control arms and adjustable tracks bar for xj i just lifted 3 inches. thanks, Ron
  14. Jeep Tech
    so i got my bastard lift on the xj, looks good, rides nice (surprisingly)…. but i managed to unleash the death wobble!!! bracket was re-drilled. slight play in frame side track bar mount. but it is minimal at best. but none the less thats where I'm starting. any suggestions on a good tb setup...
  15. Parts for sale
    As seen in the picture, have some mounting hardware. Had quick disconnects but they are not complete.
  16. Wanted
    in the process of budget boosting zee ol' cherokee, probably gonna bastard pack the leafs but need front end parts, pretty much everything, shocks, springs or spacers…. shooting for about 3 inches of lift. thanks
  17. Parts for sale
    Came out of a 2000 XJ, I can probably dig up the 3.55 bevel gears if you want those too.
  18. Parts for sale
    lifting my xj 3 inches need shocks, live in clarkston work in troy. will drive
  19. Parts for sale
    in search of either tires or tires and rims for my xj 31x10.5x15 maybe a 33 inch. if just tires, preferably a larger rim if the tires are mounted. need all 4. i live in clarkston, work in troy, willing to drive if the deal is right. also looking for some shocks for 3 inch lift on a cherokee...
  20. Completed Sales
    Lift kit for sale. As shown in photos, misc hardware too. Came off 2000 XJ. $299 or best offer, cash is king / no trades. No shipping, mid-Michigan only. Axle diff shown for U-bolt comparison. Same as this one...
1-20 of 197 Results