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xj james is a whiny cunt

  1. GAY Trans Ams

    The recycle bin.
    Post a pic of the gayest T/A you have. It could be the knight rider, or some stupid jerk off thief who thinks he is the Knight rider.
  2. Tags

    The recycle bin.
    If B.S. and flaming are not allowed in the market place, why are vulgar tags? There are many threads in the market place with steveos B.S. tags. Is this allowed? If so let the games begin. I will wait for a reply here before I start.:thumb:
  3. sexy

    The Pub
    this forum is filled with sexual stuff, like over-done. Are ya'll not getting jiggy or something? What gives?
  4. The Death Of The Jeep

    The Pub
    I dont know about anyone else, but any jeep after 2001....i dont consider a jeep anymore. they discontinued the xj and the 4.0 I-6 and replaced it with the yuppy liberty 3.7 v6 and then came all the shitty v-8's and i beleive you can even get a hemi now. I was looking at the new jeeps today and...