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  1. The recycle bin.
    If B.S. and flaming are not allowed in the market place, why are vulgar tags? There are many threads in the market place with steveos B.S. tags. Is this allowed? If so let the games begin. I will wait for a reply here before I start.:thumb:
  2. Wanted
    I need the bolt for the tensioner pully from a 1997 Nissan gxe on the front side by the altenator.
  3. General Tech
    So a family member of mine has a 1997 Nissan Sentra gxe (sp?). This car with A 1.6L motor has 2 belts. Well one belt blew and the other almost blew from debris flying around. So being the nice guy I am I said I would help her out. So I get the new main (first of two) belt on and go to tighten...
  4. The Pub
    And Alpine opens the 21st. Anyone going to ride??
  5. The Pub
    I was surfin the net looking for sales on diet pepsi and came across this. I think it sounds pretty foul. What do you think??
  6. Jeep Tech
    For some reason my a/c compressor kicks on every time I turn on my heat and or defroster. And no I am not turning the setting on a/c. Any advice or logical thoughts??
  7. Jeep Tech
    Can anyone tell me how or where to locate the relays for the turn signals in my 2000 XJ? I dont have the original owners manual, I do have a chiltons for it but it is Chinese to me. I see a bunch of the on the passanger side under the hood, but not any that are labelled for what I need. I have...
  8. Sightings
    A tow rig with 2 jeeps on trailer (yellow JK and yellow TJ) getting on sb I-75 from 14 mile rd yesterday early afternoon. Nice looking rigs :thumb: Looked like you were going somewhere to play. :woot:
  9. Sightings
    Whats up Gary right? Nice meeting ya and chatting with you:thumb:
  10. Sightings
    Good to see ya man! Did you see the fire poker fall by my boy and I? Wow!
  11. Wanted
    I am in need of a dana 30 yoke for my XJ. Any one got one ???
  12. The Pub
    Any one at the mounds today (8th) find a set of testicles? Seriously, I think they fell of early in the day around the forest trail area. They are flesh tone and cast from my original :tonka: Please let me know if you found them!!! And yes I checked my wifes pocket:sonicjay:
  13. The Pub
    Who ever set it up in the past, I would like to get some info from you so I can try to get something together this year. Thanks in advance!! XJ-James:thumb::thumb:
  14. Trail Rides & 4x4 Events
    Hey I am looking for some info for the parade in clawson. I think it is around July 4th. I have seen jeeps in the past, but have no idea who they are. Just wondering . Thanks in advance!
1-15 of 16 Results