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wont start
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  1. Jeep tech FAQ
    Alright guys and gals... I have 99 Xj Sport 4.0. I have replaced the fuel pump, TPS, Idle Air, Cap Rotar, Plugs Wires, Crank Sensor... and a few others not listed... Has anyone figured this out yet. I have done hours of research with no help. just that its a NORMAL thing... long crank and the...
  2. Jeep Tech
    97 cherokee classic, 4.0, 4x4 Truck drove fine yesterday, this morning truck would not start. When you try and start it, it will crank and crank but no "catch". If i push the gas pedal to the floor when cranking it will begin to sputter, if i pump the pedal to the floor it will start, run...
1-2 of 2 Results