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  1. Misc Jeep Part(s) Grand Cherokee WJ factory air box $50

    Parts for sale
    Selling a factory air cleaner assembly that came off of a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 V8. Parts are in good condition. Only flaw is one of the three mounting tabs broke (see picture) but it the box will still stay in place with the other two. Included too is the air filter that was...
  2. Misc Jeep Part(s) Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ, ZJ, and TJ Wrangler Parts

    Parts for sale
    I have a bunch of misc. Jeep parts from our Jeeps. All most all is used. Lift from WJ came off a WJ with about 40k miles. The arms are adjustable. The lift parts are dirty but it is winter. The WJ kit came off of a 2004 with different axles under it than a factory WJ. Thats why the...
  3. WTB 1999-2006 WJ/TJ engine/shortblock

    So my wife's '99 Grand started clattering. Need a good shortblock or entire engine. We are down to one vehicle (my truck) but two jobs. This needs fixed fast. Trouble is, money is short. This engine has 250,000 odd miles and has always run fantastic. I find it strange that it just randomly...
  4. 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ $950

    Vehicles for sale
    My uncle in Farmington has a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale. He's about to part it out but will sell whole as is for $950. Cash is king and I doubt he would trade for random stuff but if you have another car to trade or partial trade, you could probably ask him. Also it sounds like this unit...
  5. Suspension Part(s): WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 3" Lift w/sway bars

    Parts for sale
    I have a complete 3" lift for a WJ Grand Cherokee Includes MX6 Adjustable shocks (used less than 1,000 miles, great condition) 3" lift springs (used less than 1,000 miles, great condition) Extended sway bar ends Adco Frt Sway bar (New never opened box) Adco Rr Sway bar (New never opened box)...
  6. 99 WJ front propeller shaft needed

    I am in need of a front propeller shaft for a 99 WJ must have cvj on both ends pls post or PM me if you have one or know somebody that has a good one they would be willing to sell , i can buy at the local scrap yard for $125 ,but this close to xmas i am kinda strapped for cash and was hoping to...
  7. WTB WJ steering knuckles

    Im looking for a set of WJ steering knuckles, caliper brackets, and calipers (Akebono style). Let me know how much you want for them. I live in Utica (48315) and willing to drive to get if the price is right. Thanks, Alex
  8. WJ: rear window wiper moving at .3 mph, not re-seating in its little holder.

    Jeep Tech
    Started about a month ago, rear wiper was not laying back down when power was turned off. It was go to the back hatch, but not travel the final 2" to the holder. Then it started moving really slow, now if I turn it on, it won't move for a minute, then it will just get stuck in the middle of...