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  1. Jeep Tech
    I picked this alarm system up from a buddy and have everything mounted up and ready to wire in... Looking at the door locks and some people were saying you will need a relay on certain vehicles? How do I find out if a Cherokee needs to be relayed? And does the green wire go to the lock or...
  2. Chevy Tech
    Just changed out the ignition switch in my blazer because the old one crapped out on me but now I have more problems. I have no power to the radio, blower motor, overhead display, reading lights, power windows, or windshield wipers. I put the first new ignition switch in and it caught fire...
  3. Wanted
    I am in need of a complete wiring harness. Both dash and engine sides. Anyone have one or know where I can get one???
  4. Miscellaneous items
    Everything listed below is $200 obo, i have all the original boxes and receipts this system was installed by best buy, used only a few times and i really have no need for it anymore. so someone is going to get a great deal on this system. It is all well cared for and has been stored inside...
1-4 of 5 Results