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  1. The Pub
    Being a raging alcoholic is way more fun than being an interweb troll . So let's see if we can drink 2500 beers by the end of the month. Post up your total for the day and add it to the previous count.
  2. The Pub
    My youngest brought this female kitten home. It has one week to live in this house then it goes to the kitty gas chamber She already has 2 cats thats all she gets This kitten is very affectionate loves to be held and lay by you. I may even deliver witin in reason (for my youngest that could...
  3. The Pub
    I am intersted in how much off-road rigs use, as far as fuel. My yj with a 360 and 727 auto gets around 9-13 doing trail and dune duty. Gears are still stock and real high (3.07), so I use lower gears. Probably weighs about 3300 lbs?? Neighbores yj = 350 with a 350 auto and 4.10 gears is...
1-4 of 4 Results