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  1. The Pub
    Going there for a wedding this weekend. I'll have some down time and did some searching with not much luck so what is there to do in Oscoda?
  2. The Pub
    Just have to put in the slide and then we are ready to roll!!!
  3. The Pub
    This drives me insane. Expecailly that ones that think they understand the game. No, you have no fucking clue! :sonicjay: Rant over.
  4. The Pub
    Atlas Shrugged Part II opens tomorrow!! Yup, I'm excited :woot:
  5. The Pub
    They have been on the market now for a while. Anyone on here own/shoot one?
  6. The Pub
    I'll see if it can done. Mower gets dropped off today. I'm sure the lawn will look like a drunk guy cut it the first couple of times. :sonicjay: Rosie out!
  7. The Pub
    I have been thinking about buying a plumbing business. While plumbing is simple in nature and most could fix there own it is one job that most people would much rather pay for to have fixed when things go bad. Especially when it involves outside work where large holes need to be dug. I know...
  8. The Pub
    Mom and Sis are both about to purchase houses in the Downriver area. Any home inspectors on the site?
  9. The Pub
    Thought you guys might enjoy this. Not too far from me.
  10. The Pub
    Chrysler guys. I'm looking at buying the new SRT8 but I'm wondering if the 8speed transmission that I keep hearing about will be put in them later next year and if its worth the wait. The Hway MPG is 18 so whats the thoughts on how much better the extra 3 gears will net. Currently they will...
  11. The Pub
    Who's excited?? I can't flipping wait to see it!!! :woot::woot:
  12. The Pub
    The router is giving signal but no internet. I remember I reconfiged it or something the last time this happened but I can't remember what I did and nothing is working. Can you help? Thanks!! :beer:
  13. The Pub
    Please do yourself a favor and read this article!! It's priceless. My favorite is "I've got Tiger blood"
  14. The Pub
    Wow have things come along ways!! We had a truck camper and want to get another one because I plan to pull a jeep/boat later in life but after going to the show room I don't know what to do because for the price you pay for a truck camper you could get a super sweet camper with slideouts and...
  15. The Pub
    Love this Classic! Edit: can someone embed that? :sonicjay:
  16. The Pub
    And no Lions! Christmas comes early?? :sonicjay:
  17. The recycle bin.
    From Craig's Future part out thread . . . which is going to be a mighty fine XJ btw. Raerad calls me out . . cool. I respond. And this is where it gets CLASSIC!!! :sonicjay: My response. :sonicjay::sonicjay::sonicjay::sonicjay: Well, I thought it was funny. Happy Friday everyone...
  18. The Pub
    I've done lots of reasearch but would like some real world opinions. Shoot me a PM. :thumb: Thanks and if you don't or haven't owned a Hummer then don't bitch about this post where I'm soliciting info because why did you even open the thread? :sonicjay:
1-20 of 61 Results