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  1. The Pub
    My welder is pretty close to up and running and I'm looking at getting some shielding gas. Ideally I'd like to just buy a cylinder (UNMARKED!) to avoid the annual rental fee, thinking either 80 or 125 CF. I see that Lake Welding is actually Praxair now, everything I've read about them tells me...
  2. Jeep Tech
    well the drivers side top hinge has peeled off the metal from the unibody. i live in mount pleasant right now (up at CMU) so i have no tools or a place to work on my jeep. anyone have any clues on who to go to around here?
  3. Fabrication and body armor
    hey guys ive been wanting to patch a whole inthe floor of my new '79 bronco, and i tried the welder out on a scrap peice of metal for the first time and this is how it turned out i touch the metal as gently as possible but it still sticks on, can someone help please thanks
  4. Wanted
    i'm looking for a swing out tire carrier/bumper/reciever hitch for my 03 tj. i know there are many skilled welders on this forum. i just cant justify spending 700 on a swing out that isn't even rated for towing. granded i'm only towing a small trailer with 2 dirt bike or a single jet ski every...
1-4 of 4 Results