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  1. The Pub
    My welder is pretty close to up and running and I'm looking at getting some shielding gas. Ideally I'd like to just buy a cylinder (UNMARKED!) to avoid the annual rental fee, thinking either 80 or 125 CF. I see that Lake Welding is actually Praxair now, everything I've read about them tells me...
  2. Jeep Tech
    I have my yj up on the lift, new frame pieces tacked into place, but have not the talent to make it happen. Anyone in the clarkston/ortonville vicinity who can lend a hand. I have the equipment, just no talent......(yeah I know, that's what she said). Money, pizza, jeep parts, anything for...
  3. Completed Sales
    I have a set of very nice Claws 35x12.5-15 (90-95%) on 15x12 6 Bolt Chevy Weld Aluminum (very good condition) wheels I am selling!! 800 obo!!! or trade for tires....must be 37" or bigger for 16" inch wheels......NO OTHER TRADES!!!! looking for 16" wheel size now!!!! repeat I need tires that...
  4. Parts for sale
    I have have four of the above mentioned wheels. They are polished aluminum with a 5-4.5 (5-114.3) bolt pattern. They were on my 89 yj, but should fit any Yj, Tj or Xj. The wheels cost close to $200 a piece new. I'm asking $400 for the set.
  5. Jeep Tech
    I would really like to put some bigger rubbers under my rig w/o lifting it higher. Has anyone cut out their rear fenders at all? I assume that once you get past the spot welds you would have to patch in the area between the inner and outer skins but is it possible/has anyone done it?
1-5 of 5 Results