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  1. Re end 9 and quater 355 gears really cheap

    Miscellaneous items
    9 and quater re end 355 gears it's good don't have anything it goes to anymore need gone 40bucks obo or few cases of MTN DEW
  2. Anyone know scrap place that pay higher $$ for heavy iron cast?

    The Pub
    Well we have 5 Nissan 60 Forklift so they weight 9-11K pounds. We tried 3 Scrap places they refused accept counter weight but it not concrete inside it FULL of IRON CAST. They offer $160-200 a tons. 4 years ago they offer $400 a ton for those but for normal scrap/ cars it was $325-375 a ton...
  3. Habe fun with this

    The Pub
    OK enough fun for now.