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w00t 4 speech impediments

  1. Gotrcks in his pt-cruiser

    The Pub
    I waved, but you ignored me. :finger: How often do you have to replace your rear wiper from going over that big metal thing?
  2. Ye-Haw Push Bar

    Parts for sale
    Welded Push Bar. The main frame is 2" x 4" tubular steel. The headlight guards are 1" x 2" tubular steel and are heavily bolted onto the main frame. This bar was originally made for a 2005 Dodge Dakota ST. The mounts ran through the bumper valances and mounted to two 1/4" plates bolted 3 times...
  3. Ebay ad from everyones favorite douche

    The Pub So many things in it made my head hurt, also made me wonder if this was under his XJ when it rolled. Plus it seems like :stan3: KING ZJ would also know that ZJ's were made from 93 to 98 not 87 to 96. :poke:
  4. July issue of JP Magazine.........!!!!!!

    The Pub
    Congratulations to the 2TM crew. :beer: